Sweet Potato Stack

Nutritional information is for 1 serving.


1/2 large sweet

3tsb grated chedder cheese

2tsb chopped fresh parsley

1tsb dried oregano

2tsb spring onion

2tsb all purpose flour

1tsb Olive Oil

And a sprinkling of sea salt and cracked pepper


Chop sweet potato into chunks and boil in salted water for 15-20 or until tender enough to pierce with a fork.

Next, drain the sweet and transfer them to a medium sized mixing bowl. Mash with a masher or fork until they are smooth.

Add the cheese, herbs and spring onion. Mix well to combine.

Stir through the and add a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Sprinkle some extra flour on a plate. Make 4-5 balls out of the mixture and roll them gently in the flour to coat.

Bring a pan to medium and add olive . place sweet potato balls in the pan and gently press on them with a spatula to turn them into a flat pattie shape.

Cook on low-medium heat for 3mins, flip, and cook for an additional 3mins.

Serve with a little salad and some chutney if you have some.