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Its Chemical Database Suite (CDS) includes many of the features of the company’s other products, including ChemDraw, to enable scientists to create and manage their own collections of chemical structures. The CDS’s user-friendly interface allows users to choose from chemical submolecules and multiple linkages between them to create molecules or ions. At the same time, data such as molar mass, standard enthalpy of formation, and more can be imported from other applications. CDS supports chemical structure databases, including International Chemical Identifiers, PubChem, and ChEBI. Chemical property calculation capabilities include standard enthalpy of formation, standard enthalpy of combustion, standard molar enthalpy of vaporization, melting point, boiling point, densities, melting points, boiling points, cloud point, solubilities, hydrophilicities, polarities, electronegativities, and other properties.While photographers of all skill levels have been taking their photographs in the strip malls across America, professional photographer Tori Craan has worked for years to find places that put the lens to their own brand of business. He is currently the photographic director for The Door, a local organization that works to support single women living with HIV/AIDS. The project, and organization, has been so successful that it was recently awarded a $1,500 grant from Project HOMELESS. When reading the name “Project Homeless,” you might have the notion that it is an organization whose sole mission is to feed and house the homeless. While true, it is more than that. They are a non-profit organization that seeks to help people that are living in poverty by helping them get their life on track. They do this by working with them to put together a package of services and programs that will help them get back on their feet. “They have a lot of really fantastic things that they do for a lot of different people,” says Craan. “They are at the forefront of several areas of homelessness. There are certain things that we do that are focused on the prevention of homelessness, as well as helping folks get their life back on track. They help a lot of people, and they do it in a way that isn’t overly visible. They are a great organization.” When designing their new website, The Door wanted to include both modern and clean aesthetics that would include a photo gallery and a video element, as well as a



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